Tuesday, October 11, 2011

wiaw #15

Brunch: banana oatmeal (five or so ripe nanners, chopped up and mushed with a fork. Totally looks like oatmeal. Blend it if you want a smoother pudding) with raspberries, pomegranate arils, two black plums and some frozen bloobs, eaten outside because it was beautiful outside today! Also, #omnomnom and #mybrekkyforthepastweek and #ilovemyfruitylife

Dinner: green soup with arugula, cucumber, pear, half a local heirloom tomato and a lemon, topped with rainbow carrots and the rest of the tomato. Hot damn. 'Twas gooood :)

Not pictured: the kadrillion apples I had today. Got some ambrosias and some honeycrisps and they are sooooooooooo good. Crispy and sweet and omgiloveapples :D

Cosa hai mangiato oggi? I'll leave that one to you guys to figure out ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

steph on hold

Hey, fruity babes!

So I have a pretty crazy month (two months, maybe - AH!) ahead of me, as I'm applying to uni for next fall and have my (retake) SAT II test in the beginning of November AND I'm working full-time, so blogging is going to be even more on the back burner. The posts I've been meaning to write forever have to be delayed, yet again. I'll probably be posting picture posts periodically.

Until we meet again, kitty cats <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wiaw #14 + giveaway winner!

Brunch: half a pineapple, a mango, two bananas and an orange blended up with a third banana and the rest of the pineapple chopped up on top. Not a mono-meal, but I only had one pineapple and one mango, and either of those alone isn't enough for a meal, and I really wanted to try a blended thing-y, so I made this smoothie in a bowl/fruit cereal/soup/whatever you want to call it. I call it brunch.
Oh, and it's brunch again this week because I got a whole bunch of sleep last night. I don't get as much sleep as I like to during the rest of the week thanks to work (and because I have unrealistic, relative to the rest of the world, expectations when it comes to sleep. I get 7-8 hours at least, but I prefer 9-10, maybe even 12 if it's been a tough day) so on Tuesdays I sleep for eeeeever.

Dinner: five bananas chopped up in a bowl. Idk why but I prefer to eat bananas this way. Also, most people don't know what a ripe banana looks like. Eating unripe fruit is DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. It is acidifying, and acids in the body damage cells creating what we like to call disease. Your fruit should be sugar sweet. If it's not, it's not ripe. Side note: green peppers are simply unripe red/orange/yellow peppers. Don't eat them. I know that they're cheaper but it's soo not worth it.

These are ripe bananers. They should be spotty, fragrant, sweet to taste (duh) but still kinda firm. Use this analogy with all fruits. If it's fragrant and tastes sweet, you're golden. Depending on when they were picked, whether or not they were gassed and what the temperature and pressure are like will determine what they'll look like when spotty. These were ungassed and I let them sit in the sun until they turned yellow, then I let them sit in my (usually dark) mudroom to ripen. These were wonderful, though they could have used a few more hours. Once they're where you like them, keep them in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. Fun fact: nanners are the only food that does not ferment at all as it ripens! Perfect food for humans? I think so, though my fave fruit remains to be persimmons.

Salad: a whole box of a herb salad mix, a whole container of sprouts (shame on me for not sprouting my own, I know, but I lost my sprouting jar! I promise that if I don't find it soon I'll buy another one, k?) and some raw zucchini hummus, one plain ol' hummus and one with red peppers and basil. Thanks to the garlic, it's not really 811 friendly (still salt, oil and spice free, and I didn't use a whole lot of tahini so it's pretty low fat), but since I really love garlic I've decided to experiment with it a bit lately. Garlic and spicy foods are seen as stimulants, just like chocolate and caffeine (from green tea, black tea and coffee) are stimulants. I didn't notice too much of a stimulating effect but I did feel the addictive up-and-down pull of it. You feel great when you first have it, so you want more. The next day, you have more and you feel great as you're consuming it, but after you feel kinda iffy and a wee bit grouchy. The next day you have some more (this was today, fyi) and you feel totally blissed out consuming it, but by the end you really don't feel great, yet the pull is still there. Not cool, my friends. Food shouldn't have this effect on you. If a food-like substance has this effect on you, get rid of that shit. Nobody likes some grouchy bitch with garlic breath.
On that note, onions aren't 811 friendly either but I was curious to experiment with them. I had a bite of bruschetta, which was pretty easy on the onions, and OOOH MY PEAS I couldn't have a bite more. It was way too much. Never again, my friends. Never again.

Not pictured: the two apples I had an hour post-garlic fest. They were reeeally good :)

And now for the winner of the Blissful Bites giveaway!

Congrats, girlie! Leave a comment below with your email and we'll email and get your info and stuff so I can send it off to BenBella Books and you can get your book! :D

What did you eat today? What looks the best out of my eats?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wiaw #13 + giveaway!

Brunch: twelve oranges worth of OJ. Oooh, baby. So good. I eat candy all day. Er, eat and drink it. Holy smokes. Just. Yeah. Good stuff.
Btw, it's brunch because I woke up at 12:31. Thirteen hours of sleep. 'Sup.

Dinner: pretty much the same as breakfast plus a few apples and a few kiwis. Here's something I had for lunch this weekend. There are two zucchinis and one cucumber peeled into fettucini noodles, topped with cherry tomatoes, mangoes, red bell peppers and basil. I was supposed to put an heirloom tomato on top too, and squeeze a lime on top but I toootally forgot.

Speaking of being ridiculously busy and not having time to, you know, do stuff or remember stuff, I GOT A COPY OF BLISSFUL BITES BY THE AMAAAZING CHRISTY MORGAN SOMETIME LAST WEEK. Yeah, it's okay ;) HAH I'm kidding. Seriously, I'm drooling. I can't look at this stuff before bed. The pictures are gorgeous, the recipes are simple which I love (simple recipe = simple digestion) and it's absolutely chock full of inspiration. She encourages locally grown organic produce and makes eating seasonally super simple by separating the different sections in the book (breakfast and brunch of champs, appetizers and soups for every occasion, fresh salads and dressings, delectable vegetable sides, whole grains and carbs do a body good, sea veggies, compassionate proteins, and healthier desserts you crave) into five parts: spring, summer, autumn, winter and anytime. Seasonal eating is something I've always been interested in and followed to the best of my abilities but thought it was a bit complicated at times. It's full of vegan macrobiotic recipes as well as a bunch of raw recipes. OH and it's low oil! Yay! I just don't even know what to say, so I'll let Amazon tell you all about it:
Cooking in a way that’s good for you and for the environment—not to mention delicious—doesn’t have to be a pain; in fact, it can be sheer bliss. In Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet, Christy Morgan shows readers how to make healthy, delicious, animal-product free meals without a lot of effort. It’s been long-accepted that giving up animal products also means giving up easy and enjoyable cooking, but that’s just not true. Blissful Bites is a refreshing introduction to the idea that switching to a plant-based diet that uses locally grown and organic products can be easy and rewarding—for both body and mind.

Blissful Bites includes more than 150 recipes that make eating every meal healthier and exciting. Morgan, known to her online audience as “The Blissful Chef,” also delivers recipes that are easy for the typical home cook to follow, making a plant-based diet seem simpler and more delicious to implement than ever before.

Blissful Bites is filled with unique recipes and plenty of tips on how to live a healthier, more environmentally friendly life, without sacrificing an ounce of taste.


If everything goes as planned, I'll be making something from the book tomorrow. Expect a picture post! :)

So what did you eat today? KIDDING! I'm not gonna leave you hanging! I'm doing a giveaway!

Each entry will have to be a separate comment. Enter as many times as you like. I'll choose the winner by Tuesday, September 27 at 10-ish.

How to enter:

1. Tell me why you want to win this book.

2. Follow me on Twitter!

3. Follow Christy Morgan on Twitter!

Note: Only open to residents of the United States and Canada. Sorry, international peeps! Pinky swear I'll do some sort of a giveaway at some point in the future, open to everyone. So, we cool? :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

wiaw #12

Brekky: about four cups of grapes that I was going to juice but I didn't get to the juicer in time ;) and a bartlett pear. Note: your pears should be slightly soft. Actually, most of your fruit should be a little soft when it's ripe and ready to eat. Except, like, grapes. Also seen here is a cup o' joeeucalyptus healing tea. It sounded nice last night so I made a few mugs of it, and this morning I made a few more. Reuse your tea bags! It'll save you money and save a few trees and plants and gas and stuff.

Lunch: banana soft serve. Totally didn't have enough time to eat all of it so I had like, a third of what you see here. That's still 2.5 cups, though. Yummy :)

Snacky: more grapes! Green grapes this time. Sorry, no picture :(

Dinner: two large Hail to the Kale salads. There's balsamic vinegar and tamari so it's not totally raw but I'm pretty sure it's the closest thing to a raw salad in the deli and I was just not digging any of the fruit we have right now.

I know it's not enough but I literally don't ever have enough time to eat at work, and I don't think I can force myself to get up any earlier than I already do. Having a decent blender would soo help. Vita or BT, please? <3 What did you eat today?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

wiaw #11

AH sorry this is so late! I wanted to do this last night but didn't get a chance to do so, and I was out shopping today. Real important stuff, kiddies.

Brekky: Mangoes + berries. I had the exact same thing for lunch but forgot to take a picture. Also this is totally mid-eating so you can't see as much as I actually had.

Dinner: this is what dinner was supposed to look like:

This is what it actually looked like, times a lot more but by the time I felt the meal was, you know, meal worthy, it was close to the end so there's only a bit left to show. K run on sentences, cool beans. Dates + dried mangoes. I'm new to 811 so I don't feel bad about having dried fruit as long as I increase my water a whoooole lot. Definitely feel better with the water rich stuff, though.

Also if you follow me on twitter you'll know that TODAY I GOT FIGS. They're certified organic, too, and holy smokes even better than I remember. I can't wait to have persimmons, too! Seriously ecstatic. This lifestyle is absolutely not about deprivation or restriction; it's about abundance. If you ate a new piece of fruit every day for the rest of your life, you still wouldn't be able to try all the different varieties out there. Eat all you want and still feel great AND look great AND smell great AND be in a constant state of ecstasy? YES PLEASE!

So, what was the best thing you ate today?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

ABC's of Me

I found this ABC's of Me: raw foodie edition thing on Gena's blog today so I decided to have a go at it. I've gotta say that these survey things are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

A) Preferred way to eat avocados: I would say guac with organic cuke or zucchini cut into rounds, but right now I'm really in love with half an avocado (ripe ripe ripe! I cannot stress how important it is to eat ripe fruits and veggies) topped with celtic sea salt and pepper, maybe cayenne if I'm feeling spicy. Oooh.

B) Daily banana intake: 0-15. I'm trying to get it up to 25 or 30, but I'm working on it ;) Anyone else into 30 BaD?

C) Cacao or carob? Carob! No stimulants for me, thanks.

D) Durian? Dying to try it.

E) Essential to start the day: Lots of water, then rebounder + yoga, then brekky, which is either half a melon (or a whole one, depending on my appetite), a few mangoes or a 5 banana smoothie. Can I just point out how delish banana smoothies are btw? Just blend up some (ripe and spotty, baby!) bananas with enough water for it to blend. It's like a banana shake. Glooorious.

F) Favorite fruit: Figs. I haven't had any in almost a year. I think I might cave and get some conventional ones because I can't find any organic ones. I love mangoes, kiwi, oranges (especially mandarin! SO good), Fiji apples, coconuts, strawberries, persimmons and pretty much every other fruit ever. Luuurve.

G) Guru you like: Like, raw food guru or guru in general? Can we just say "inspiring people"? K good. Dan Macdonald, Dara Dubinet, Gabby Bernstein, Robert Morse, N.D., durianrider, Freelee, and probs some others. Eh.

H) Healthy meal: Smoooooothie, or a really thin smoothie on top of some chopped up fruit, like fruit cereal with banana milk.

I) Ice cream base: Nanner :D

J) Juice or smoothies? Smoothies. Recently I haven't been into juices. They just don't make me feel that great.

K) Favorite way to eat kale: In a kale salad.

L) # of Lemons in your house right now: Zero, unfortunately.

M) Muscle testing: hoax or real? Idk what that is exactly, but I just googled it and I'm into that stuff. Realsies, maybe?

N) Nut butter: favorite kind? Almond or sunflower seed, sprouted if possible, definitely raw, though tbh I could live without nuts and seeds and be totally happy.

O) Organic or conventional? ORGANIC!

P) Pickled veggies: have you made them? No, but I've fermented veggies before. Remember my kraut experiment? It's still in my fridge. I don't like the taste a whole lot to be honest.

Q) Questions you get asked about your diet: The usual. If you're veggie, you know what I'm talking about. If you're not veggie, please for the love of the veggie community's sanity inform yourself so we don't get questions about protein, calcium, bones and muscles anymore.

R) Recipe you love: Tbh I can't really think of one right now. Er, maybe the market medley salad from rawxy. Suuuper delish :)

S) Skin brushing? Errydaaaay!

T) Type of water you drink: Filtered demineralized water. I buy big 19L bottles and get them refilled every week.

U) Unbelievable thing that’s related to eating raw: My skin = good if I'm eating only raw. My skin = crapola when I eat cooked foods.

V) Vegetable you love: Carrots and romaine lettuce.

W) Why did you start eating raw? Because I felt so good after eating at Gorilla Food that I thought I'd look into it a bit further.

X) X-rated vegetable or fruit: Nanners, I guess.

Y) Yummy food you make: I think all the food I make is yummy or else I wouldn't eat it. Cherries are probs my fave. Just rinse and go.

Z) Favourite use of zucchinis: Zucchini chips (aka zucchini cut into rounds or oblong slices) dipped into guac or hummus or whatever other dip.

So raw foodies, feel free to fill this out, and if you do, let me know!

Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments below! Fave fruit? Guru? Meal? How many bananas per day? How do you like your avos?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIAW #10

Pre-workout brekky: dates (this picture times three-ish, maybe more) while I was prepping the rawnola.

Brekky: an apple. I had another three during the day but didn't take any more pictures. How many pictures of an apple do you need? ;)

Lunch: a gorgeously ripe mango. I've been having some really sweet and juicy mangoes recently. SO good, yo. A few days ago I pretty much ate only mangoes. #bliss

Dinner: smoothie with four ripe bananas and some filtered water. Sooo yummy. I had a few handfuls of popcorn with coconut oil and celtic sea salt, too.

Snack: a whole pack of tomatoes. Yeah, the whole thing. Sup. I kinda wanted to have a salad but I ran out of greens. Tomorrow :)

Not pictured: some cherries, a whole bunch of blueberries and some of the almost-done buckwheat granola I'm making. It's raw and you don't need a dehydrator! :D I think it'll be ready tomorrow, so look out for a post on that soon.

What was the best thing you ate today? Do you like mangoes? How about bananas?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If you have an extra three hours on your hands...

This is some reeeally interesting stuff here. If you're at all interested in any of the following, you should watch these videos: science; the universe; the "universe"; consciousness; evolutionary theories; aliens; prophecies; ancient Egypt and the pyramids; energies; Atlantis; the Mayans; or religion. Actually you don't need to have three hours on your hands. You need to make time for this. IT IS SO CRAZY. I don't mean crazy like "what a nutjob" crazy, but crazy like "blowing my mind" crazy.

Also, if you're interested (or not interested and want more info with which to argue/defend yourself) in a high-protein diet, read this. Yes, it is just one article but this guy knows what he's talking about.

What do you think about these videos?

No WIAW this week. I've got really boring eats today anyways, so you're not really missing out on much :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Brekky/Lunch/Dinner?: half a reeeally big watermelon with some cinnamon and coconut flakes. I woke up around 1 PM, worked out and had my first meal around 2:30. Yup. Good life, eh? I didn't have the whole thing though because I got full pretty quickly so I just snacked on the last little bit just before my kale salad, along with some other unpictured things.

Dinner: hail to the kale salad, recipe here.

Not pictured: coconut oil and cinnamon on sprouted toast, a few apricots, the best mango I've ever had, some black grapes and some rainier cherries.

More food porn:

grilled eggplant and red pepper on top of
sprouted toast with EVOO and a 
balsamic reduction and basil

carrots and cukes with chickpea hummus

banana chia popsicles

pizza on a sprouted grain tortilla
and an arugula salad with
garlicky tahini dressing

cantaloupe with blackberries,
cinnamon and coconut

How do you feel about high protein diets? What have you been eating lately? I've been eating mostly fruit and I feel soo excellent.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bloggy Love #2

1) You know how we used to be able to say we're special because we use tools? Remember how we thought fishies didn't count as sentient beings, so we could be "vegetarians" who eat fish?
Fish are smart, exhibit W: Tuskfish uses a tool!

2) I really wish I could write stuff like this. Also, wtf, "victory" even though any change (totally insignificant and it will only worsen the suffering of the chickens) won't happen for another EIGHTEEN YEARS. So who is really winning, here? People are going to be more comfortable with eating animals and their secretions because they're labelled "humane" so more animals will be raised and killed solely for our own pleasure and entertainment. If we want to keep eating as many animals as we do today, the only answer is factory farming. You can't raise and kill as many animals as our current population demands just on family farms alone. If you're not getting sick from the acidifying effects of eating animals, then the diseases that come with factory farming will get you. So more people are dying, more animals are dying, and the environment is totally toast too. The only people winning are those involved in big ag corps. They don't need us to fight for them.
New Egg Labels... or the Vegan Paradigm?

3) This video:

Another thing about fish: technically, in an ideal world, it is possible to create have land animal products without any measurable suffering if everything goes according to plan (it won't and never will). Still exploitation, but if you're just against suffering then this could be for you! (I'm joking.) It's entirely impossible with fish. They always suffer. Their eyes pop out and their stomachs come out of their mouths because of the quick changes in pressure, and then they suffocate on board. If you think it's okay to eat fish, go pick up a copy of Eating Animals and read pages 189-193. It's five pages. It's not going to kill or hurt you. It can only help you by expanding your awareness. Just do it, kay?


More bloggy love:
Bloggy Love #1

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Oh, hello there.

Brunch: One of these cupcakes. Note to self and others: Don't have cupcakes for breakfast, no matter how "healthy" they are or how good you think they'll taste. You'll end up feeling like shit for the rest of the day. Start your day off right with something hydrating, like chia pudding, a green drink (juice is best, but if you like your smoothies, remember to chew them) or some fruit, not a baked good.

Dinner: Soup and garlic toast, and half of that veggie plate. Seriously, the tabbouleh and the kale salad both went untouched. I was really hungry until I started eating. Does that ever happen to you? The soup had red onion, carrots, rutabaga, celery and arame with some garlic and miso added in the end. DON'T EVER BOIL MISO. Make sure your miso is unpasteurized, too. The garlic toast was just sprouted bread, toasted, and then topped with some coconut oil and garlic. Usually I'll use a touch of sea salt but I forgot. The miso in the soup was plenty salty anyway.

Dessert/Snacky thing: Mixed berry banana soft serve. I put it in the freezer for a bit to freeze up because my nanner and berries both weren't frozen, but I didn't let it sit for long enough. Topped with cinnamon and coconut flakes.

[Recycled photo]

Have you ever eaten something you regretted? How about cupcakes for breakfast?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! Sprouted Vanilla Spice Cupcakes with Carob Avocado "Buttercream" Frosting

Today is my birthday! Quel excellent birthday gift of something that sort of goes with my current ways of eating AND matches my blog title. Am I right or am I right? ;)

These cupcakes aren't like other cupcakes. They (most likely) won't give you a headache or feel phlegmy (if you don't know what I'm talking about, soak some grains in clean water overnight. See the slime that comes off and takes forever to rinse out the morning after. Personally, I'd like to keep that out of my body as much as possible, but that's just me). They're flour free, whole grain and made without cane sugar. They'd be really made without refined sugars if you used date syrup instead of brown rice syrup, but I don't see a whole lot wrong with brown rice syrup and I didn't want to waste my precious dates on a few baked goods. They're just fine on their own.

These cupcakes area also oil-free, which is great if you're trying to avoid heated fats, and they're totally delish. I don't know if they're the same as the ones I used to bake, but to me these are pretty damn good. I had my mom try one too and she ate it up in a few bites. I think that means they were a success :)

You're definitely going to want to do these in advance. Your grains need to soak overnight (unless you use buckwheat, which only takes half an hour or so), and once they're done soaking, you need to rinse them until the water runs clean. It might take a while. Be patient. Then your cupcakes need to cool before they can be transferred to an airtight container where they can sit overnight, or at least for a few hours. If you don't transfer them to an airtight container, they will most likely stick to your cupcake liners.

For this recipe, I used a cup of steel-cut oats, half a cup of barley and half a cup of spelt berries. You can totally make this with GF grains, and add xanthan gum if you feel you need it. You can play around with the seasonings, too. If you want chocolate or carob cupcakes, add cacao or carob powder to taste, and increase the sweetener as desired. If you want mango-lime muffins, throw in some chopped fresh mango and lime zest with a touch of lime juice. Like I said, play around with this recipe. It's pretty hard to mess up.

Vanilla Spice Cupcakes
makes 18 regular-sized cupcakes

  • 2 cups grains, soaked (equals four cups soaked grains)
  • 1/4 cup liquid to blend (use your own judgement)
  • 1 cup brown rice syrup
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp ACV
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp ginger
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • salt

Once you've rinsed and drained your grains, transfer them to a food processor or blender and blend until smooth. You really don't want any small chunks. Add water as necessary. I did this in three batches because my food processor isn't big enough to fit it all. You do what you have to in the name of cupcakes, right? You could also do this with a mortar and pestle, or with a flour mill that can work with wet... stuff.

Transfer your soaked and pulverized grains to a large mixing bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients. No really, there isn't any method to this. #MyKindOfBaking. You probably want to whisk it until most of the clumps are gone. You could use a stand mixer, or you could get a workout and use an arm mixer. I have a stand mixer. Did I use it? No. I missed my workout to bake cupcakes. Gotta get it in somehow.

Preheat your oven. My oven is broken and I'm tired of using my toaster oven (read: my muffin tins won't fit) so I used my bbq and got it around 350. It could have been closer to 375, but again, no method to this madness. Just trust in the power of the cupcakes that everything will turn out.

Transfer your batter into lined muffin tins, filling about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way. It would be best if they were made out of recycled unbleached paper, but cutesy paisley ones will do (or whatever ones you have. You don't eat cupcakes for their liner, you eat them for the icing. Actually, just skip over the cupcakes and do icing shots. It's got healthy fats and antioxidants. So good but it tastes so bad... not bad like gross bad, bad like bad for you sinful bad). Challenge yourself to see how many times you can use the word transfer in one post. Don't bother taking a picture of the cutesy paisley cupcake liners, though. That would be too smart.

Transfer your muffin tins to your preheated oven (or bbq) of choice. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the middle comes out clean.

After cooling for five minutes, transfer to a cooling rack, and allow to cool while you make your frosting. Oooh, it's getting good now.

Carob Avocado "Buttercream" Frosting

  • 1 1/2 ripe avocados
  • raw carob powder to taste (you can use cacao powder if you so prefer)
  • brown rice syrup to taste
  • splash of vanilla extract

Mush your avocados in a food processor or blender. If yours is in the dishwasher and you simply cannot wait, just use a fork and whip it real good. Add carob powder, vanilla extract and brown rice syrup to taste. If you wanna get really crazy (and are really excited about the new jar of cinnamon you just got), throw in some cinnamon too. Again, whip it (or process/blend it) until it's smooth. Mine still had a few tiny chunks of avocado, but they didn't get in the way of the frosting. They actually looked kind of cute, adding a little bit of festive (why?) green to the mix. #WordsOfALazyBaker

Taste test often.

Frost your cupcakes. You could totally pipe the frosting on, but you'll probably need to double the frosting recipe. I just used a spatula thing (which I'm pretty sure is actually a rounded cheese knife or something. Oh well. It worked wonderfully and I felt super profesh). Top with coconut flakes and hemp seeds.

These are a whole meal. Seriously. You've got your healthy carbs (sprouted grains!), healthy fats (avocados!), healthy protein (hemp seeds! Optional but they're cute and make people feel better about eating pancakes. There's also protein in the grains, avocados and probs carob powder, too) and antioxidants (carob powder!). And avocados are green, so you've got your greens in too, right? Is that how it works?

Have you ever tried soaked and sprouted grain goods? Have you ever made them yourself? What's your favourite sweetener? Favourite grain? Favourite cupcake flavour? :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mama Pea's Not Animal Crackers a la LVB

I should have a series dedicated to recipeas courtesy of Mama Pea that I make my own. They're always good. I don't think it's possible to mess them up (unless you go un-veganizing them, but that's a surefire way to mess up any recipe IMO).

On June 5th I made these crackers. They're damn good. The reason as to why I haven't made them since then is beyond me.*

*not really. I ate the whole batch in one sitting. I guess that's not entirely true since I gave quite a few to my brother but still. You can't eat that many crackers every day. Eez no good, and by that I mean eez (it's, for anyone still wondering) very good. Too good. Too good BIG TIME. Enough praise? Nope.

SO not the whole batch. Just the ones I could fit on my mini drying rack. Never mind the fact that I have a ginormous one... Smarty pants.

Of course I made adaptations. It wouldn't be mine if I didn't.

1. I omitted the brown sugar (cane sugar in any amount = HELLO HEADACHE**) and I'm pretty sure I cut the maple syrup in half. Can't be sure, though. I made these a month and a half ago.

2. I used unrefined coconut oil instead of the EB. Duh.

3. I used water instead of non-dairy milk because we rarely have it in the house. I probably didn't measure the water either, since I was gonna be adding in some more dry ingredients that were uncalled for.

4. I added in a clove of garlic, minced. Throw in a few more if, like me, you're batshit crazy about garlic. No really, my mom complains that our whole house smells like it. She doesn't know what she's talking about. Garlic rules my life.

5. I added 3 tbsp of nooch. You could probably just do a whole quarter cup, but I was probably running out or something.

6. I topped them with paprika and celtic sea salt to make them look pretty. And cut them out in cute shapes. The goldfish look-alikes were hand shaped. I had intended to do the whole batch like that. Nope. Didn't happen. Even I don't have that much patience. Cayenne would be good too.

7. Something I didn't do but really want to do now: Make Mmm sauce but make it with little to no liquid so it's more of a paste or a spread, and then sandwich that in between. Three words: Oh. My. Peas.

**My wonderful (truly truly wonderful) super Italian great aunt made me vegan cookies. Not at all "healthy" but definitely made with love. That's all that matters (er, as long as it's vegan. Though the sugar probably wasn't but HELL SHE TRIED). If your food was made with love, served (straight out of the freezer bag) with love and eaten with love, you can digest anything. I felt the love four times yesterday. I felt the love four times again today. I passed on the rest of the love to my brother for the sake of my head. It's not feeling it, but boy is my heart ever. Cheesy enough? Nope. If I was an amazing blogger I'd probably post a picture of said damn good cookies. Maybe even try to come up with a recipe. Ehhhh... ;)

Have you made any of Mama Pea's recipeas? Lemme know! :)


Other Mama Pea inspired recipes:
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Just apologizing in advance for all the hideous pictures you're about to see. The food was wonderful, but MY computer won't charge, thus the only decent webcam is pretty much toast, and my phone is messed up (like, the phone that is less than a month old. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY), so no pretty instagram wow-this-is-better-than-my-usual-camera pictures, and my other cameras either don't load their pictures onto this computer, hence last week's lack of WIAW (and posts in general - SORRY!) and/or their chargers are MIA.

Brekky: BEST THING EVER, aka half a cantaloupe. Yesterday I had half a watermelon for brekky. See a trend? THEY'RE SO DAMN GOOD that I just can't help myself.

Lunch: Massaged kale and arugula (fresh from my nonna's garden!) salad with carrots, beets and sprouts (store-bought which is why they look so pretty), topped with a SUPER garlicky lemon tahini dressing; Pirate's Booty in Veggie flavour (OMG OMG OMG. I love this stuff. It's dangerous); Raw sauerkraut

Damn Good Drink: Strawberry mint limeade. Oh my peas. Best thing I made today. Blend up seven strawberries, the zest of two limes, the rest of the two limes, about two tablespoons of fresh mint and a tiny bit of water. Strain it through a mesh sieve. Add a spoonful of brown rice syrup. Dilute with more water. Enjoy.

Dinner: Zucchini pasta with a raw tomato basil sauce; Kale salad from lunch

Not seen: Pre-dinner snack of cherries and more Pirate's Booty (we, as in my family and I, extra emphasis on the I, may or may not have polished off the whole bag in a day. I may or may not feel a bit sick ATM because of it. Totally worth it); Post-dinner snack/WIA while watching a movie (WIAWWAM? Catchy, Steph) of popcorn topped with EVOO, nooch and pepper, and two packs of frozen edamame I found in the freezer, steamed over the stove, not the microwave (I don't trust those things), both shared with my mommers.

I'm pretty happy with what I ate today. Other than the Pirate's Booty and the popcorn, everything was totally raw, and I could have gone without it. Next Tuesday (er, Wednesday? ;) ) I might try going totally raw. I know I can do it because I did it (and did it gourmet) for like, a month before, but for some reason I always have some cooked food every day. We'll see :) Also, it's crazy how much we can change in a year. My blog is like, a year and a bit old and the name is pretty much irrelevant. I went from eating sugar-laden spelt-flour baked goods to eating high raw, and I feel like this time next year I'll probably be like, 99% raw. Crazy how things change, eh? I also went from religiously following recipes and never doing my own thing (OH and rarely eating salads) to intuitive cooking (er, uncooking?), even when it comes to baking! I never measure anything, and I (almost) never follow a recipe to a T. I make changes depending on what works for me (i.e., brown rice syrup in place of cane sugar or agave. I still have yet to try yacon syrup though).

Are you an aspiring raw veg or do you see no reason to eat raw foods? Have you tried Pirate's Booty? Is your blog title still relevant? Have you tried yacon syrup? If so, what's it like? What about lacuma? Maca root? I wanna know! :)