Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recipes coming soon!

I don't have any recipes today but I just made something that I thought I'd tell you all about.

I was really craving some date balls but I'm all out of nuts and dates, so I decided to play around with flax and chia seeds ground up, and then processed/blended with some raisins, celtic sea salt, cinnamon and vanilla in the not-so-Magic Bullet.

What resulted was more cake-like in texture than a date ball (I need to come up with a better name. Help?). I wasn't expecting this so I didn't write out the exact amounts but I'll definitely be trying this again, should anyone want to try. Just a heads up =)

Also, I apologize for the serious lack of posts. At school what I eat is pretty boring (steel-cut oats with a banana, raisins, flax and chia seeds in the morning, a salad with tons of greens, beans, sprouts and smoked tofu with some carrots, broccoli and an apple or two for lunch, and then pretty much the same thing for dinner. Who wants to hear about that?), but that will all change once I get home. You can't even imagine how many recipes I've got bookmarked to veganize (even though some are already vegan. I just want to make them wheat and sugar free).

Until I get home in early May, posts on here will be few and far between. To tie you over until then, let me refer you to some of my favourite blogs:
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  1. Hey I just came across your blog it looks great!
    I'm subscribing, especially so I can see how your cakey date balls come out :D