Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bloggy Love #2

1) You know how we used to be able to say we're special because we use tools? Remember how we thought fishies didn't count as sentient beings, so we could be "vegetarians" who eat fish?
Fish are smart, exhibit W: Tuskfish uses a tool!

2) I really wish I could write stuff like this. Also, wtf, "victory" even though any change (totally insignificant and it will only worsen the suffering of the chickens) won't happen for another EIGHTEEN YEARS. So who is really winning, here? People are going to be more comfortable with eating animals and their secretions because they're labelled "humane" so more animals will be raised and killed solely for our own pleasure and entertainment. If we want to keep eating as many animals as we do today, the only answer is factory farming. You can't raise and kill as many animals as our current population demands just on family farms alone. If you're not getting sick from the acidifying effects of eating animals, then the diseases that come with factory farming will get you. So more people are dying, more animals are dying, and the environment is totally toast too. The only people winning are those involved in big ag corps. They don't need us to fight for them.
New Egg Labels... or the Vegan Paradigm?

3) This video:

Another thing about fish: technically, in an ideal world, it is possible to create have land animal products without any measurable suffering if everything goes according to plan (it won't and never will). Still exploitation, but if you're just against suffering then this could be for you! (I'm joking.) It's entirely impossible with fish. They always suffer. Their eyes pop out and their stomachs come out of their mouths because of the quick changes in pressure, and then they suffocate on board. If you think it's okay to eat fish, go pick up a copy of Eating Animals and read pages 189-193. It's five pages. It's not going to kill or hurt you. It can only help you by expanding your awareness. Just do it, kay?


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