Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mama Pea's Not Animal Crackers a la LVB

I should have a series dedicated to recipeas courtesy of Mama Pea that I make my own. They're always good. I don't think it's possible to mess them up (unless you go un-veganizing them, but that's a surefire way to mess up any recipe IMO).

On June 5th I made these crackers. They're damn good. The reason as to why I haven't made them since then is beyond me.*

*not really. I ate the whole batch in one sitting. I guess that's not entirely true since I gave quite a few to my brother but still. You can't eat that many crackers every day. Eez no good, and by that I mean eez (it's, for anyone still wondering) very good. Too good. Too good BIG TIME. Enough praise? Nope.

SO not the whole batch. Just the ones I could fit on my mini drying rack. Never mind the fact that I have a ginormous one... Smarty pants.

Of course I made adaptations. It wouldn't be mine if I didn't.

1. I omitted the brown sugar (cane sugar in any amount = HELLO HEADACHE**) and I'm pretty sure I cut the maple syrup in half. Can't be sure, though. I made these a month and a half ago.

2. I used unrefined coconut oil instead of the EB. Duh.

3. I used water instead of non-dairy milk because we rarely have it in the house. I probably didn't measure the water either, since I was gonna be adding in some more dry ingredients that were uncalled for.

4. I added in a clove of garlic, minced. Throw in a few more if, like me, you're batshit crazy about garlic. No really, my mom complains that our whole house smells like it. She doesn't know what she's talking about. Garlic rules my life.

5. I added 3 tbsp of nooch. You could probably just do a whole quarter cup, but I was probably running out or something.

6. I topped them with paprika and celtic sea salt to make them look pretty. And cut them out in cute shapes. The goldfish look-alikes were hand shaped. I had intended to do the whole batch like that. Nope. Didn't happen. Even I don't have that much patience. Cayenne would be good too.

7. Something I didn't do but really want to do now: Make Mmm sauce but make it with little to no liquid so it's more of a paste or a spread, and then sandwich that in between. Three words: Oh. My. Peas.

**My wonderful (truly truly wonderful) super Italian great aunt made me vegan cookies. Not at all "healthy" but definitely made with love. That's all that matters (er, as long as it's vegan. Though the sugar probably wasn't but HELL SHE TRIED). If your food was made with love, served (straight out of the freezer bag) with love and eaten with love, you can digest anything. I felt the love four times yesterday. I felt the love four times again today. I passed on the rest of the love to my brother for the sake of my head. It's not feeling it, but boy is my heart ever. Cheesy enough? Nope. If I was an amazing blogger I'd probably post a picture of said damn good cookies. Maybe even try to come up with a recipe. Ehhhh... ;)

Have you made any of Mama Pea's recipeas? Lemme know! :)


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