Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wiaw #14 + giveaway winner!

Brunch: half a pineapple, a mango, two bananas and an orange blended up with a third banana and the rest of the pineapple chopped up on top. Not a mono-meal, but I only had one pineapple and one mango, and either of those alone isn't enough for a meal, and I really wanted to try a blended thing-y, so I made this smoothie in a bowl/fruit cereal/soup/whatever you want to call it. I call it brunch.
Oh, and it's brunch again this week because I got a whole bunch of sleep last night. I don't get as much sleep as I like to during the rest of the week thanks to work (and because I have unrealistic, relative to the rest of the world, expectations when it comes to sleep. I get 7-8 hours at least, but I prefer 9-10, maybe even 12 if it's been a tough day) so on Tuesdays I sleep for eeeeever.

Dinner: five bananas chopped up in a bowl. Idk why but I prefer to eat bananas this way. Also, most people don't know what a ripe banana looks like. Eating unripe fruit is DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. It is acidifying, and acids in the body damage cells creating what we like to call disease. Your fruit should be sugar sweet. If it's not, it's not ripe. Side note: green peppers are simply unripe red/orange/yellow peppers. Don't eat them. I know that they're cheaper but it's soo not worth it.

These are ripe bananers. They should be spotty, fragrant, sweet to taste (duh) but still kinda firm. Use this analogy with all fruits. If it's fragrant and tastes sweet, you're golden. Depending on when they were picked, whether or not they were gassed and what the temperature and pressure are like will determine what they'll look like when spotty. These were ungassed and I let them sit in the sun until they turned yellow, then I let them sit in my (usually dark) mudroom to ripen. These were wonderful, though they could have used a few more hours. Once they're where you like them, keep them in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. Fun fact: nanners are the only food that does not ferment at all as it ripens! Perfect food for humans? I think so, though my fave fruit remains to be persimmons.

Salad: a whole box of a herb salad mix, a whole container of sprouts (shame on me for not sprouting my own, I know, but I lost my sprouting jar! I promise that if I don't find it soon I'll buy another one, k?) and some raw zucchini hummus, one plain ol' hummus and one with red peppers and basil. Thanks to the garlic, it's not really 811 friendly (still salt, oil and spice free, and I didn't use a whole lot of tahini so it's pretty low fat), but since I really love garlic I've decided to experiment with it a bit lately. Garlic and spicy foods are seen as stimulants, just like chocolate and caffeine (from green tea, black tea and coffee) are stimulants. I didn't notice too much of a stimulating effect but I did feel the addictive up-and-down pull of it. You feel great when you first have it, so you want more. The next day, you have more and you feel great as you're consuming it, but after you feel kinda iffy and a wee bit grouchy. The next day you have some more (this was today, fyi) and you feel totally blissed out consuming it, but by the end you really don't feel great, yet the pull is still there. Not cool, my friends. Food shouldn't have this effect on you. If a food-like substance has this effect on you, get rid of that shit. Nobody likes some grouchy bitch with garlic breath.
On that note, onions aren't 811 friendly either but I was curious to experiment with them. I had a bite of bruschetta, which was pretty easy on the onions, and OOOH MY PEAS I couldn't have a bite more. It was way too much. Never again, my friends. Never again.

Not pictured: the two apples I had an hour post-garlic fest. They were reeeally good :)

And now for the winner of the Blissful Bites giveaway!

Congrats, girlie! Leave a comment below with your email and we'll email and get your info and stuff so I can send it off to BenBella Books and you can get your book! :D

What did you eat today? What looks the best out of my eats?